Warranty against defects

By purchasing this product range, you have specific warranty rights.  Consumers who purchase the Bantex PVC and polypropylene, lever arch binders; Items:  B1450, B1414, B1451, B1415, B1418, B1419, B1498 and all PVC Create-A-Cover ringbinders, we offer the warranty as set out in this document.

Warranty Period

Subject to the Exclusions as set out below, we warrant that a consumer who purchases the above product lines directly from us, or from any of our authorized resellers and retailers, that our products are manufactured in a controlled environment, using quality materials.

This warranty is valid for 3 years from date of purchase.  The icon below will appear on all products that carry this warranty, which indicates the duration of this warranty.  Proof of purchase must be rendered to validate the warranty coverage. This warranty is not transferrable to any other person under any circumstances.

(insert 3 year warranty / made in SA as set out on label)


 Warranty coverage is invalid / denied as a result of:

Loss or damage caused by factors beyond our control.

Any alterations to the product not performed by us.

Damage or defects caused to this product due to unusual, non recommended or negligent use of the product.

Recommended sheet capacity 80gsm bond:  70mm lever arch file: 450 sheets

Recommended sheet capacity 80gsm bond:  40mm lever arch file: 360 sheets

Total Liability

Our total liability in respect of this warranty against defects is limited to the replacement of the defective goods, no cash refund will be granted.

Making a claim

Any claim made under this warranty must be made by contacting the store of purchase and provide the store with details of the defect and evidence of purchase. The store of purchase will make direct contact with Bantex South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

We will not be liable for any costs, loss or damage incurred in connection with the transportation or delivery of the product.

We will not be responsible for any special, indirect, or economic loss or loss of profit, resulting from any act or omission by us.