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In the new age world, it’s important to find a work life balance. Your family, friends, career, all need hard work, to work. Here’s a few simple ideas to get a head start on positive changes in 2019.

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1) #metime

This is a pretty simple goal, spend 30 minutes a day doing almost anything that helps you relax and calm your mind. Meditate, read, paint, listen to music – anything that helps you reconnect, with you. Laptops and cellphones are banned during these 30 minutes.

2) New and improved!

Spend an hour every week learning about something new. Choose a topic that interests you. This could be anything from quilting to archery. And who knows, this could turn into a hobby, which could lead to exciting experiences and new adventures.

3) 60% of the human body is water

Drink green tea or lemon water every morning to help remove toxins. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated is good for your overall mental and physical health. If you drink tea or coffee, gradually reduce the amount of sugar until none is needed.

4) Zzz’s

You need 6-8 hours sleep to keep on top of your game during the day. If you battle to fall asleep, go to bed 15 minutes earlier every day until you reach your ideal bedtime.

5) Healthy body, healthy mind

Start by exercising 30mins, 3 times a week. Slowly build up your fitness levels to one hour 3 times a week. Then add additional training days to your schedule. Exercise is vitally important for both your physical and mental health. The same applies to your diet. Start by having healthy meals 3 days a week. Then gradually increase your ‘healthy eating’ days. Remember to reward yourself with an ‘off day’.

6) Connect

Emotional connections with other like-minded positive people is vitally important for your well-being. Make it a priority to connect with family and friends every month.

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1) Home Office
More and more companies are allowing team members to work from home – part time or full time. With technology at hand it’s easy to work from anywhere, anytime. If you’re setting up an office at home, Bantex has a wide range of desk accessories, organising tools and stationery to create an efficient work space that allows you to perform at your best.




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2) Creating a Bantex Homework Station for the kids

In an increasingly competitive world, you need to give your kids every advantage to excel.

A creative, inspiring Bantex Homework Station will create a space that encourages learning and studying. Design a colourful, bright, bold space. It’s been proven that young minds react positively to creative spaces. Bantex has a variety of coloured stationery sets to help create a fantastic space.

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3) Declutter your space

Start 2019 by clearing your home space. Clear out your bedroom and kitchen cupboards. Donate everything that isn’t needed. Start with one room a week, until all your spaces have been decluttered, inside and outside. Clearing out spaces will invite new energy into your space. The Bantex Mess Muncher range will help keep spaces neat and tidy. Invite the Mess Munchers home for a clean up.

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Mess Munchers

For more space-organising ideas, read all about our 50 uses for your Mess Munchers storage cases.

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1) Break away

The best way to start 2019, is by planning a holiday. One of the biggest causes of burnout is not taking a break. It’s vitally important to plan short breaks from the stresses of everyday life. Plan at least one longer holiday during the year, that lets you explore a new cultural place. This will enrich your life experience, and recharge the batteries for when you get home.

2) Positive thinking

Recite a positive affirmation every morning. It might seem weird at the start but it will help shape a positive mindset for the day. It will also train your brain to think positively and boost your self confidence.

3) Create a vision board

Visualisation is a powerful tool. Get yourself a notice board for goal setting and professional growth, this will be super effective. It will serve as a constant tool to keep you inspired and motivated.

4) Switch off

Don’t check your mails on your laptop or phone when you get home. Everyone needs a break from the stresses of the modern day work place. Relax, recharge, tomorrow is another day.

5) Declutter your space

Start 2019 by clearing your work space. Discard everything that isn’t needed. Only keep items that are needed and used. A clear space = a clear mind. A clear mind = being more productive.
Bantex has a wide range of smart desk accessories and modern stationery items to help organise your space and turn it into an optimal working environment.

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