Organised, Productive

Work smarter. Be more organized.

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It’s called organized chaos. You’re concentrating on projects and deadlines. Admin and housekeeping are not mission critical. Until they are. It is well known that people who sit at a clear, organized desk work more sharply and fluidly. When there is little else to get in the way of your current project, you will be more focused.

Here are a few things to consider when cleverly curating your workspace:

  • Decide on a routine. The pointers below work in different ways for different functions. Most important is to choose a daily routine that will work for you and stick to it. You will see results.
  • Chuck it out. This should probably be rule #1, but if you have stuff in your office that you have not used or referred to in a few months, get it out of the way.
  • Keep it close. Keep the equipment you work with regularly within easy reach. Put the rest away.
  • Refine your system. When you make digital back-ups, resist the temptation to store outdated documents in physical files.
  • Make folders. Organise your day with folders that are “To do”, or “Awaiting response”, or whatever your daily requirements demand. Usually, you can just use your email program to flag and highlight important actions.
  • Separate you and your job. Keep personal items in their own draw or compartment. The less personal interruption you have to your workspace (other than the obligatory family pics), the better.
  • Make war on piles. Don’t let things mount unnecessarily. Be mindful to file documents away in their rightful place when they’re no longer needed.
  • Do weekly storage. Close up files on projects that have been completed and store them away off sight. Label them clearly for easy retrieval should you need to reference them again.
  • Straighten up. The simple habit of neatening up your desk before you leave means you come in to a tidy start in the morning.
  • Prioritise. You may know what you need doing by when, but having a physical filing system on your desk will help you keep track.

A routine is yours to choose and stick to. Find quality Bantex stationery and accessories to help you along the way.