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In the new world the only constant, is change.

Companies are revolutionising the workspace, how they interact with their employees, nurturing overall well-being – discarding the ‘old ways’ for new ones. Here are a few innovative ways companies are changing the ‘workscape’.

1) Hot-desking

Due to wireless laptops and tablets, employees don’t need to be stuck at a single desk in an office. Some companies are eliminating personal desks and opting for a configuration called ‘hot-desking’ which simply means no assigned desk or seating area. Instead, you can sit anywhere you please – at communal tables, bar-type counters or in casual lounge-like spaces with couches and chairs.

2) ‘Puzzle’ desks

Skullcandy’s international office in Zurich installed specially designed desks that fit together like puzzle pieces and can be moved and reconfigured to work individually or collaboratively. This thinking directly feeds the new collaborative way of working and problem-solving.


3) ‘Overlap zones’

A study at the University of Michigan proved that scientists were more likely to collaborate when they interacted with one another in areas called ‘overlap zones ’. The data suggests that creating opportunities for unplanned interaction among employees actually improves performance.

“The most creative ideas aren’t going to come while sitting in front of your monitor,” said Scott Birnbaum, a VP of Samsung. That’s why the Samsung offices have large outdoor areas located between floors that encourage employees to interact in these ‘overlap zones’.

According to Birnbaum, the new space is “designed to spark not just collaboration, but the innovation you see when people collide.”

4) Music rooms

The music room at LinkedIn’s headquarters in California is stocked with high-end equipment like drums, guitars, keyboards, AV equipment and even stage lighting.

A great idea for the musically inclined employees to have fun and recharge. (And for the non-musically inclined, hopefully, the music room is soundproof).

5) Open plan

Open plan office spaces are a growing trend. In an open plan office, everything is on display. Your space is a reflection of you – a messy desk may give the impression that you’re disorganised and not efficient. Open plan workspaces are also becoming smaller, so it’s essential that you keep your space as organised and neat as possible. Bantex has the widest range of smart desk accessories, filing and stationery sets to make the most of your workspace.



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