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For some time, researchers have studied how personality traits affect your health. Not surprisingly, they discovered that organised, conscientious people, usually eat better and live longer than people who are disorganised. They also tend to have immaculate offices.

Research also shows that the average executive wastes six weeks every year finding misplaced information due to messy desks and files*. Although it may seem efficient to have all your business necessities in close proximity, a ‘desk hoarder’ is less productive. An organised space is easy to maintain and will save you from the stress that comes with a never-ending desk clutter.

So, start by clearing your desk. File documents, fill draws, organise stationery etc. Then start adding the most important items back onto your desk. Choose 10 items you can’t do without. See how it goes, you can always remove an item and replace it with another one.

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*Source Wall Street Journal

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