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When you’re busy and stressed at work, your living space can sometimes get disorganised. Take time out to organise and clean. To declutter, contributes towards a calmer mindset, helps you to destress and enjoy more ‘me time.’

Clutter-free home ideas – storage

Storage is always one of the nagging issues in any home. There are always things piling up or lying around the house, especially if you have kids. Sometimes all you need is a little creative thinking and Bantex Mess Munchers, to keep the clutter away.

Bantex Mess Munchers are made from tough polypropylene, which means they’re made for hard work. Fold down handles and swivel locks make it easy to stack and store multiple cases. From tools and toys to toiletries, you’ll find a Mess Muncher for the job. Available in the coolest colours, and all sorts of sizes. Invite the Mess Munchers home for a clean-up.

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Mess Munchers

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Store all your important household documents in one place. Texo is compact and modular, so you design your own storage set-up.