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Sometimes, under the pressure of big projects and looming deadlines, we can forget the little pointers and guidelines that help us focus and get to the finish line, on time, and with a job well done. At Bantex, we believe you should always “love your work”. When you truly enjoy what you do, you will always do it to the best of your skill and talent. And good work gets noticed.

  1. Focus on what’s important – Sometimes we can get lost in the details of a project. Always start with a basic plan that keeps your focus on the main requirements and the time committed to achieving them.
  2. Track your performance – Even in an administrative or managerial position, you will know that there is always a better way to do
    something. Make little notes and reminders for yourself whenever you believe there is room for improvement.
  3. Find constructive quiet time – Meditation is not a popular fad. Reviews show that concentration and productivity can show remarkable improvement when you give yourself just 20 minutes of downtime in your day.
  4. Read – Read for your pleasure, whatever interests you, but also to keep up with new trends and innovative ways of working that are advancing other people’s careers. If your work is important to you, keep it fresh and stimulating.
  5. Say what you mean – Timely and clear communication is an important characteristic of people who seek to drive and influence results. There is no such thing as saying the wrong thing, not if you have given it considered thought.
  6. Manage your instincts – Do not be easily influenced or distracted. Personal inclinations and preferences are not always the best route, even if you are the boss.
  7. Develop routines – Everyone has their regular chores to get through, like email, daily agendas, planning and reviews. To prevent them from taking over your day, allocate specific times in your day so that co-workers can efficiently lock into that.
  8. Listen – Your co-workers’ thoughts and opinions are important. They inform your team relationships. Also, be mindful about what is not being said or discussed. It can be just as informative.
  9. Get out of the office – Yes, it has to be said. Chaining yourself to your desk can sometimes confuse activity with achievement. Often our best decisions are made away from our desks.
  10. Love what you do – Not everyone is privileged to have a job that they really feel passionate about. But we can all find meaning and purpose in whatever we do. Always make your day worthwhile.

Creative thinking solves more problems than money or position.