First impressions last

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Being good at what you do is a great start. But in a competitive business world, you need to look the part, too.  Every category of business takes its own approach. Do what works for you.

There’s always that one extra thing that could up your game:

  • Dress for success. That does not mean expensive. It’s more about looking authentic. Wear what is acceptable, appropriate and trusted for the market you engage and the reaction you want.
  • Brand it. Make your identity visible. Instead of a generic quotation folder, present your proposal in something that has your name on it. Bantex has some great customised solutions. Check them out.
  • Show yourself. Put a real face to your business. Include pictures of management in your profile. Add a real smile to your email signature.
  • Stay relevant. Join the representative associations and organisations that have industry authority. Be amongst the first to know about changes and developments.
  • Network. Grow your LinkedIn profile with connections that matter. Talk about your business. Learn from others. And keep an updated contact list. Attend industry events.
  • Collect testimonials. If you’ve done a really good job, ask for a reference. Build a reputation for happy and satisfied customers, one job at a time.
  • Tell your story. Blog it. Maintaining an updated blog is a great way for prospects to consider your products or services. Or even refer you.
  • Use professionals. A best practice approach to your partners and suppliers will keep your standards visibly high.
  • Sweat the small stuff. Spelling mistakes, miscalculations, double scheduling, bad coffee. Even the smallest oversight can have a real impact. Settle for perfect. Always.
  • Respect everyone. Put purposeful energy into all your business engagements, from support staff to decision makers. Businesses are measured by how they treat people.

Of course, a professional touch in the stationery you use communicates more than you think. Find all the Bantex quality you need. Get your game on!