There’s a growing trend in large organisations to let team members occasionally work from home.

Here are a few tips to get your home office space up to speed.

1. Your backup needs a backup

Ensure all your data that is stored on your computer at home, is also stored in the cloud – it is essential to double up.

2. Connected

One of the joys of working offsite is you aren’t stuck behind a desk all day. Nice day out? Work on your patio and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll find this will make you more productive and creative. Ensure you have a suitable wi-fi or fibre connection to enable you to work anywhere in your home space.

3. Information Security

It is key to ensure your computer or any mobile device has security access codes. Not 1234.

When working at home ensure any confidential printed material is taken back to the office for shredding.

4. The right support

You’re going to spend a big chunk of your day in your desk chair, so it’s worth investing in one with an ergonomic design.

5. Power on

There’s nothing worse than doing the same thing twice. Ensure you have a back up power source connected to your computer incase the electricity goes off. This will give you time to save what you’ve been working on!

6. Lighting

Ensure you have adequate lighting for your workspace to avoid headaches and eye strain.

7. Coffee

Working from home is the perfect excuse to buy yourself that fancy cappuccino machine you’ve always wanted.

8. Storage

Where will you keep pens, paper, documents, files, folders and other supplies?

Bantex has matching stationery sets, filing, and desk accessories to create the perfect workspace at home.



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Soho Files

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Matching stationery sets

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