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Your personal space

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We all spend a lot of time at work. It’s important to make your desk or office space your own. A comfortable and personal work environment can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, better still a much happier you. Here are some ways to help make your workspace reflect your personality.

Life moments

Whether it’s a wedding photo, a drawing that your kid made or a Statue of Liberty figurine from your trip to New York, reminders of life moments can make for fun, inexpensive decor. Those personal items will help remind you why you work so hard.

Warm light

Office fluorescent lighting is cold and uninviting. A simple desk lamp can help warm up your workspace.

Go green

Oxygen-generating plants not only look good but help recycle old, stale air.

Bursts of colour

Add colour to your office with desk accessories. Colourful files, desk organisers and storage units can brighten up and transform any space. Bantex has matching colour stationery sets that are rapidly becoming a favourite in South African work spaces.

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Matching stationery sets

Bantex matching stationery sets will give your work space a professional, personalised look. Find your colour match!